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Established in 1951 to supply textbooks to the English medium schools, especially the ones in Punjab. Since then, school textbooks has remained our main line of business.

In 1954 we added a new line of Scientific, Technical and General books and imported them from all the world. In 50's and 60's one had to get the Import License from The Government of Pakistan, which was a difficult task. Book Centre was one of the three importers allowed to import books into Pakistan.

We opened branches in Murree and Dhaka besides head office and main showroom in Lahore. In 1971 with debacle of East Pakistan we lost our Dhaka Branch and suffered heavy losses. In 1972 we opened another branch in Liberty Market, Lahore.

In early 80's we entered into publishing school books and stationery. Since then we have developed our academic resource i.e. authors, designers, illustrators, composers etc. etc. Our bank of authors include the likes of Y. Williams, Mrs. Farida Saeed, Ms. Saaima Mukhdoom, Mrs. Sumaira Ali.

We have state of the art facilities for Desk Top Publishing. Beside developing our own books we have entered into co-publishing arrangements with number of international publishers too. We have given rights to re-print our books in India and Egypt.

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