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Book Centre-FAQ

Q: Which books are there in Book Centre Store?
A: The Book Centre store contains all the books of Book Centre Publications and also contain Books from other Publishers

Q: How to Register?
A: If you are a new user and wants to buy books for the first time from Book Centre, click on register and enter your details. Your email will be your username and please make sure that you contact no. and shipping address is correct because the administrator will contact you on your contact no. and your shipping address will be used to deliver your books at your doorstep.

Q: What are the delivery charges?
A: If you have ordered one book your delivery charges will be Rs.100 and if you have ordered more than one books your delivery charges (shippment charges) will be Rs.75 per book

Q: How to Order Books?
A: Go to the category you want to buy. You can see all the books of that category. Click on "Add to Cart" and your Book will be added to cart. To view the book in the cart click on "View Shopping Cart" , you can see your book there. To buy more books click "Continue Shopping" or if you want to purchase the books you have added click "Checkout". After Checkout you will see the login and register. If you are a new user click register. If you are have already registerd enter your email and password and click login to pay for your books.