Teacher Training Programme- Success English Grammar


*Time :3 hours*

*Course Outline:*

1. Brain Storming Games by using English.

2. Development of Lesson Plans using Different Strategies and discussion on making the exercise more interesting rather than a mundane(ordinary)activity.

3. Use of the various tools of assessment like observation, assignments, projects, portfolio, checklist etc and how each tool can be used effectively for grading.

4. Parameters for assessment of various skills in English Language(Grammar) used by the PEC/BISE.(*Highlight the importance of assessment tools such as Multiple - Choice, Constructed Response, and Essay Type Questions*).

Book Centre also supplies supplementary reading material (*Handout on different concepts*) to each attendee to help enhance their knowledge.

Handouts on different concepts were given, read out and explained, and ways to assess the students’ understanding of the text were elaborated.

The workshop will help to remove most of the doubts in teaching faculty regarding the evaluation, and will definitely lead to a better implementation..

*Portfolio of Focal Person*

After receiving Master degree in 1999,Dip.in YDP (Youth Development Program) obtain from Islamabad.Moreover,a course in PGCC (Post Graduate
Certificate Courses) from Department of Professional Development Training,The City School System,Lhr. Participating in developing Assessment
Unit(AU) for AKU-EB (Aga Khan University Examination Board).Beside, Author of many textbooks for various well known publishers as well as a textbook for
Punjab Curriculum Authority (PCA) of grade 8th, letter of acceptance issued.

Qulb e Abbas

If you are intrested in this Teacher Training Programm, please contact us.

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